New Horizons HQ

Bug Off

The Bug-Off is a bug-hunting contest, hosted by Flick, on the fourth Saturday of each month during the summer (June-September in the northern hemisphere). Since this event always occurs on a Saturday, it replaces KK Slider who will visit on the Friday before instead.

During the contest, you can pay 500 bells to enter, then spend 3 minutes caatching as many bugs as you can. When the time is up, return to Flick to collect your points. You gain 1 point for every bug caught, plus an extra 2 points if you caught 3 or more bugs:

Bugs Caught Points Rewarded
33+2 = 5
44+2 = 6
55+2 = 7
66+2 = 8

After hitting 100, 200 and 300 total points, you'll be told by Flick that you'll get a special reward. Trophies arrive in the mail the next day:

100 points Bronze bug trophy
200 points Silver bug trophy
300 points Gold bug trophy


Once you reach 10 points, you can redeem them for a reward from Flick. There are 13 unqiue rewards to get. The first 13 you recieve will all be unqiue, and will be random after that.