New Horizons HQ

Bug Off

The Bug-Off is a bug-hunting contest, hosted by Flick, on the fourth Saturday of each month during the summer (June-September in the northern hemisphere). Since this event always occurs on a Saturday, it replaces KK Slider who will visit on the Friday before instead.

During the contest, you can pay 500 bells to enter, then spend 3 minutes caatching as many bugs as you can. When the time is up, return to Flick to collect your points. You gain 1 point for every bug caught, plus an extra 2 points if you caught 3 or more bugs:

Bugs Caught Points Rewarded
33+2 = 5
44+2 = 6
55+2 = 7
66+2 = 8

After hitting 100, 200 and 300 total points, you'll be told by Flick that you'll get a special reward. Trophies arrive in the mail the next day:

100 points Bronze bug trophy
200 points Silver bug trophy
300 points Gold bug trophy


Once you reach 10 points, you can redeem them for a reward from Flick. There are 13 unqiue rewards to get. The first 13 you recieve will all be unqiue, and will be random after that.

Artisanal bug cage
Bug aloha shirt
Bug cage
Bug wand
Butterflies wall
Butterfly backpack
Ladybug rug
Ladybug umbrella
Spider doorplate
Spider web
Termite mound
Toy centipede
Toy cockroach