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Cherry Blossoms

Cheery Blossom season last from April 1-10 in the northern hemispehere and October 1-10 in the southern hemispehere.

During this time, hardwood trees turn into cherry blossom trees, you can catch floating Cherry-blossom petal items in a net. 89 petals are needed to craft every seasonal item.

Starting on the 7th day, small falling cherry petals can be seen all over the island. These are not catchable.

Money trees still work as normal, although look like cherry blossom trees.


The cherry-blossom specific recipes can only be obtained during the blossom period, from shooting down balloons. The exception is the picnic set, which is given out by Isabelle in her morning announcement (but can also be obtained from balloons).

Cherry-blossom pochette 6x Cherry-blossom petals
Cherry-blossom pond stone 10x Stones , 3x Cherry-blossom petals
Cherry-blossom-petal pile 5x Cherry-blossom petals
Cherry-blossom bonsai 6x Cherry-blossom petals , 2x Hardwood , 3x Clumps of weeds , 3x Clay
Cherry-blossom branches 8x Cherry-blossom petals , 4x Tree branches , 5x Clay
Cherry-blossom clock 5x Cherry-blossom petals , 1x Iron nugget
Cherry-blossom umbrella 7x Cherry-blossom petals
Cherry-blossom wand 3x Cherry-blossom petals , 3x Star fragments
Outdoor picnic set 10x Cherry-blossom petals
Blossom-viewing lantern 6x Cherry-blossom petals , 4x Hardwood
Cherry-blossom-trees wall 10x Cherry-blossom petals , 5x Hardwood
Cherry-blossom flooring 10x Cherry-blossom petals , 20x Clumps of weeds
Sakura-wood wall 5x Cherry-blossom petals , 10x Wood
Sakura-wood flooring 5x Cherry-blossom petals , 10x Wood


This photo shows all of the seasonal crafted items (except the wand) and the petals themselves.