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Fish can be caught in the sea, rivers and ponds.

The in-game encyclopedia contains information about all 80 fish. Collect them all!

This table lists all of the different fish, along with their sale price in bells. Some fish are worth a lot more than others, especially sharks which can be identified by their fins.

Name Value Next Month Time of Day Location Shadow
Bitterling 900 November All day River X-Small
Pale chub 200 June 9AM-4PM River X-Small
Crucian carp 160 June All day River Small
Dace 240 June 4PM-9AM River Medium
Carp 300 June All day Pond Large
Koi 4,000 June 4PM-9AM Pond Large
Goldfish 1,300 June All day Pond X-Small
Pop-eyed goldfish 1,300 June 9AM-4PM Pond X-Small
Ranchu goldfish 4,500 June 9AM-4PM Pond Small
Killifish 300 June All day Pond X-Small
Crawfish 200 June All day Pond Small
Soft-shelled turtle 3,750 August 4PM-9AM River Large
Snapping turtle 5,000 June 9PM-4AM River Large
Tadpole 100 June All day Pond X-Small
Frog 120 June All day Pond Small
Freshwater goby 400 June 4PM-9AM River Small
Loach 400 March All day River Small
Catfish 800 June 4PM-9AM Pond Large
Giant snakehead 5,500 June 9AM-4PM Pond Large
Bluegill 180 June 9AM-4PM River Small
Yellow perch 300 October All day River Medium
Black bass 400 June All day River Large
Tilapia 800 June All day River Medium
Pike 1,800 September All day River X-Large
Pond smelt 400 December All day River Small
Sweetfish 900 July All day River Medium
Cherry salmon 1,000 June Varies River (clifftop) Medium
Char 3,800 June Varies River (clifftop) Medium
Golden trout 15,000 September 4PM-9AM River (clifftop) Medium
Stringfish 15,000 December 4PM-9AM River (clifftop) X-Large
Salmon 700 September All day River (mouth) Large
King salmon 1,800 September All day River (mouth) X-Large
Mitten crab 2,000 September 4PM-9AM River Small
Guppy 1,300 June 9AM-4PM River X-Small
Nibble fish 1,500 June 9AM-4PM River X-Small
Angelfish 3,000 June 4PM-9AM River Small
Betta 2,500 June 9AM-4PM River Small
Neon tetra 500 June 9AM-4PM River X-Small
Rainbowfish 800 June 9AM-4PM River X-Small
Piranha 2,500 June 9AM-4PM & 9PM-4AM River Small
Arowana 10,000 June 4PM-9AM River Large
Dorado 15,000 June 4AM-9PM River X-Large
Gar 6,000 June 4PM-9AM Pond X-Large
Arapaima 10,000 June 4PM-9AM River XX-Large
Saddled bichir 4,000 June 9PM-4AM River Large
Sturgeon 10,000 September All day River (mouth) XX-Large
Sea butterfly 1,000 December All day Sea X-Small
Sea horse 1,100 June All day Sea X-Small
Clown fish 650 June All day Sea X-Small
Surgeonfish 1,000 June All day Sea Small
Butterfly fish 1,000 June All day Sea Small
Napoleonfish 10,000 July 4AM-9PM Sea XX-Large
Zebra turkeyfish 500 June All day Sea Medium
Blowfish 5,000 November 9PM-4AM Sea Medium
Puffer fish 250 July All day Sea Medium
Anchovy 200 June 4AM-9PM Sea Small
Horse mackerel 150 June All day Sea Small
Barred knifejaw 5,000 June All day Sea Medium
Sea bass 400 June All day Sea X-Large
Red snapper 3,000 June All day Sea Large
Dab 300 October All day Sea Medium
Olive flounder 800 June All day Sea X-Large
Squid 500 June All day Sea Medium
Moray eel 2,000 August All day Sea Long
Ribbon eel 600 June All day Sea Long
Tuna 7,000 November All day Pier XX-Large
Blue marlin 10,000 July All day Pier XX-Large
Giant trevally 4,500 June All day Pier X-Large
Mahi-mahi 6,000 June All day Pier X-Large
Ocean sunfish 4,000 July 4AM-9PM Sea X-Large w/Fin
Ray 3,000 August 4AM-9PM Sea X-Large
Saw shark 12,000 June 4PM-9AM Sea X-Large w/Fin
Hammerhead shark 8,000 June 4PM-9AM Sea X-Large w/Fin
Great white shark 15,000 June 4PM-9AM Sea X-Large w/Fin
Whale shark 13,000 June All day Sea X-Large w/Fin
Suckerfish 1,500 June All day Sea X-Large w/Fin
Football fish 2,500 November 4PM-9AM Sea Large
Oarfish 9,000 December All day Sea XX-Large
Barreleye 15,000 June 9PM-4AM Sea Small
Coelacanth 15,000 June All day Sea (rainy days) XX-Large

Spawn rates for fish vary every hour are are influenced by the weather. You can see rough spawn rates here.

While fishing you will sometimes fish up junk. Junk acts just like fish (swims around, bites at your lure), but it worth very little money. However, you can craft each piece of junk into furniture, using recipes which you will 'discover' as you fish up the junk. This furnitue sells for more money than the junk items are worth. You can catch:

Old tire
Empty can
Stone Stone is not really 'junk', but can be fished up just the same

Junk items can also be used to lure and catch the Fly .

You will also find shells scattered along the beach. Early in the game, these are a quick source of bells. Later, their value is generally too low to bother collecting.

Name Value
Conch 700
Coral 500
Cowrie 60
Giant clam 900
Manila clam 100
Sand dollar 120
Sea snail 180
Summer shell 600 (Summer only)
Venus comb 300

The Manila Clam is unique in two ways. Firstly, it has to be dug up on the beach; you can see a tiny hole with water being periodically squirted out. Secondly, it can be used to craft Fish bait , which attracts a single fish wherever you use it.