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Nature Day

Nature Day (also called Earth Day) is an in-game event, lasting from April 23 to May 4.

Speak to Tom Nook to start the event, unlocking special Nook Miles+ challenges. After you complete your first challenge, talk to Tom Nook again to learn Recipe: Hedge .

Starting with Nature Day 2020, Leif became a regular island visitor.


Each day during the Nature Day event, a special nature-day-related Nook+ challenge will appear. It grants 5x the number of miles when completed.

Title Requirements Reward
Plant Shrub Starts Plant 3 shrub starts 200 (1,000) miles
Plant Coconuts on the Beach Plant a coconut 150 (750) miles
Craft Fencing for Beautiful Gardens Craft 2 fences 150 (750) miles
Pluck Blossoms and Craft a Flower Crown Craft a flower crown 300 (1,500) miles
Send Gratitude with Flowers Gift some flowers 200 (1,000) miles
Decorate with flowers Place a flower 150 (750) miles
Get Stylin' by Wearing Flowers Wear a flower in your hair 150 (750) miles
Plant Tulip Bulbs Plant 3 tulip seeds 200 (1,000) miles
Plant Mum Seeds Plant 3 mum seeds 200 (1,000) miles