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Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures can be caught by swimming in the ocean, with a wetsuit.

The in-game encyclopedia contains information about all 40 sea creatures. Collect them all!

This table lists all of the different sea creatures, along with their sale price in bells.

Name Value Next Month Time of Day Shadow
Seaweed 600 March All day Large, Stationary
Sea grapes 900 June All day Small, Stationary
Sea cucumber 500 March All day Medium, Very slow
Sea pig 10,000 November 4PM-9AM Small, Very fast
Sea star 500 March All day Small, Very slow
Sea urchin 1,700 May All day Small, Slow
Slate pencil urchin 2,000 May 4PM-9AM Medium, Medium
Sea anemone 500 March All day Large, Stationary
Moon jellyfish 600 July All day Small, Very slow
Sea slug 600 March All day X-Small, Very slow
Pearl oyster 2,800 March All day Small, Medium
Mussel 1,500 June All day Small, Slow
Oyster 1,100 September All day Small, Slow
Scallop 1,200 March All day Medium, Slow
Whelk 1,000 March All day Small, Slow
Turban shell 1,000 March All day Small, Slow
Abalone 2,000 June 4PM-9AM Medium, Medium
Gigas giant clam 15,000 May All day X-Large, Very fast
Chambered nautilus 1,800 March 4PM-9AM Medium, Medium
Octopus 1,200 March All day Medium, Slow
Umbrella octopus 6,000 March All day Small, Fast
Vampire squid 10,000 May 4PM-9AM Medium, Very fast
Firefly squid 1,400 March 9PM-4AM X-Small, Slow
Gazami crab 2,200 June All day Medium, Medium
Dungeness crab 1,900 March All day Medium, Medium
Snow crab 6,000 March All day Large, Fast
Red king crab 8,000 March All day Large, Very fast
Acorn barnacle 600 March All day X-Small, Stationary
Spider crab 12,000 March All day X-Large, Very fast
Tiger prawn 3,000 June 4PM-9AM Small, Medium
Sweet shrimp 1,400 September 4PM-9AM Small, Slow
Mantis shrimp 2,500 March 4PM-9AM Small, Medium
Spiny lobster 5,000 October 9PM-4AM Large, Fast
Lobster 4,500 April All day Large, Fast
Giant isopod 12,000 July 9AM-4PM & 9PM-4AM Medium, Very fast
Horseshoe crab 2,500 July 9PM-4AM Medium, Medium
Sea pineapple 1,500 April All day Small, Slow
Spotted garden eel 1,100 May 4AM-9PM Small, Slow
Flatworm 700 August 4PM-9AM X-Small, Very slow
Venus' flower basket 5,000 October All day Medium, Fast

The first time that you catch a Scallop each day, Pascal will appear.

You can also (rarely) find a Pearl instead of a creature.

Spawn rates for sea creatures vary every hour are are influenced by the weather. You can see rough spawn rates here.