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Fruit & Trees

There are 5 kinds of 'regular' fruit in New Horizons. Each island has a single native fruit which can be sold for 100 bells each. The other 4 'non-native' fruits can be sold for 500 bells each. Once mature, fruit trees each grow 3 fruit, every 3 days.

You can obtain the 4 'non-native' fruits from getting them in the mail, visiting friend's islands, and visiting mystery islands. A single fruit will be sent to you in the mail from your mother, after a few days of play. Mystery islands will either contain your native fruit, or one other 'sister' fruit; for example, if your native fruit is cherry, mystery islands will only contain cherry or apple.

Coconut trees can be found on mystery islands, growing only on the beach. Coconuts can be sold for 250 bells each. Like other fruit trees, coconuts grow every 3 days, but only 2 fruit are grown.

Apple Apple tree
Cherry Cherry tree
Pear Pear tree
Orange Orange tree
Peach Peach tree
Coconut Coconut tree

There are also 4 non-fruit trees. Hardwood and Cedar trees grow natively on your home island, and saplings can be purchased from Nook's Cranny to grow more. Bamboo trees can be found on some mystery islands. You can either dig up the whole tree (see below), or dig up a Bamboo Shoot, which is buried like a fossil. Money trees are special and are explained here.

Hardwood tree Sapling
Cedar tree Cedar sapling
Bamboo tree Bamboo shoot
Money tree Bells

Trees go through multiple growth stages before becoming mature, and retain those growth stages when dug up. After planting (a fruit, sapling, bamboo shoot or bells), they enter the first growth stage, 'nursery'. Each day, they progress through 'small young tree', 'medium young tree' and 'large young tree' until they fully mature.

Before a tree matures, it can be dug up and moved with a shovel. After trees reach the 'large young tree' stage, you need to eat a fruit to gain 'power', before you can shovel up a tree. Trees retain any fruit that was on them when you dig them up and replant them.