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Nook Miles

Nook Miles are a new currency in New Horizons. They can be earned by using the ATM each day, completing achievements, and completing challenges.

ATM usage

Each day that you use the ATM ('Nook Stop'), it will reward you miles based on the sequential number of days you've used it. Don't worry; your streak is maintained when resident services is closed.

First day50 miles
2 days80 miles
3 days100 miles
4 days150 miles
5 days200 miles
6 days250 miles
7+ days300 miles


You can earn nook miles by completing the 87 in-game achievements, each of which has 1-6 different sub-goals. Upon completion, you are rewarded with some miles, and new titles for your passport.

(island name) Miles!
You traveled a long way just to move to our little island, and you enrolled in the Nook Mileage Program. So you earned your first miles! There are lots of ways to earn miles by just enjoying island life!

Criteria: Unlock the Nook Mileage program
1 500 miles Nook Inc.'s / Patron
Angling for Perfection!
Learning how to fish is an essential skill for living on a remote island, hm? Nook Inc. encourages all island residents who are aiming to become fishing masters!

Criteria: Collect a specified number of fish
10 300 miles Accomplished / Lad;Lass
100 500 miles Competent / Fishing Fan
500 1000 miles Moderate / Beach Bum
2000 2000 miles Fierce / Fisher
5000 3000 miles Battle-Tested / Catch of the Day
Island Ichthyologist
Fill in your Critterpedia with fish and you can earn miles along the way. Can you categorize each and every type of fish that swims in your island's waters, hm?

Criteria: Collect a specified number of unique fish
10 300 miles Small-Fry / Pesca Pro
20 500 miles Energetic / Angler
40 1000 miles Pond-Raised / Tropical Fish
60 2000 miles Hooked / Reaction
80 3000 miles Pole-Fishing / Expert
Island Togetherness
One of the goals of Nook Inc. is resident togetherness. Our gregarious-greetings initiative aims to reward you with Nook Miles just for chatting with residents. Try to talk to all your neighbors every day!

Criteria: Talk to each one of your villagers every day
1 300 miles Unhindered / Wallflower
10 500 miles Unabashedly / Shy Kid
20 1000 miles Respected / One
30 2000 miles Ludicrously Popular / "It" Guy;"It" Girl
50 3000 miles Natural / Heart Stealer
You've Got the Bug
Earn miles just for catching creepy-crawlies! Every bug you catch is one that won't be surprising someone in their sock drawer.

Criteria: Collect a specified number of bugs
10 300 miles Freshly Delivered / Egg
100 500 miles Weak / Grub
500 1000 miles Emerging / Pupa
2000 2000 miles Soaring / Butterfly
5000 3000 miles Complete / Metamorphosis
Bugs Don't Bug Me
You can earn miles for filling out your Critterpedia! Can you find every bug and unlock every entry? Yes, yes, you can! And please consider supporting Blathers by donating bugs to the museum.

Criteria: Collect a specified number of unique bugs
10 300 miles Hobby-Level / Bug Fan
20 500 miles Night-Owl / Insect
40 1000 miles Defiant / Ant
60 2000 miles Polymorphing / Creature
80 3000 miles Scarce / Critter
Have a Nice DIY!
Nook Inc. will reward Nook Miles for the number of DIY recipes you've collected. Think about that. You're earning...for learning! Yes, yes!

Criteria: Collect a specified number of DIY recipes
10 300 miles Trivia / Representative
50 500 miles Savvy / Intellectual
100 1000 miles Understated / Authority
150 2000 miles Knowledge-Thirsty / Sidekick
200 3000 miles Clever / Father;Mother
Deep Dive
The glittering sea that surrounds our island is home to all kinds of captivating creatures. Put on your wet suit, dive in, and sea what you can collect to earn miles. Sea what I did there, hm?

Criteria: Collect a specified number of sea creatures
5 300 miles Midsummer / Swimmer
50 500 miles Bodyboardin' / Beachcomber
250 1000 miles Aquatic / Jetsam
1000 2000 miles Splashy / Winner
2500 3000 miles Deep-Sea / Monster
Underwater Understudy
There are still many creatures we have yet to discover at the bottom of the sea, hm? Earn miles by diving deep, capturing creatures, and filling out your Critterpedia. Yes, yes!

Criteria: Collect a specified number of unique sea creatures
5 300 miles Cerulean / Diver
10 500 miles Fresh / Ingredient
20 1000 miles Surfing / Pa;Ma
30 2000 miles Waterlogged / Seaweed
40 3000 miles Seaside / Darling;Honey
DIY Tools
If your tools break, just make more! And to take away the sting, you'll earn Nook Miles based on the number of tools you craft. Sweet deal!

Criteria: Craft a specified number of tools
5 300 miles Creative / Enthusiast
50 500 miles Crafty / Club Member
200 1000 miles Hip / Virtuoso
1000 2000 miles Bona Fide / Technician
3000 3000 miles Relentless / Meister
DIY Furniture
Here's a win-win-win situation: Craft your own furniture. (Win!) Enjoy your handiwork. (Win!) Earn Nook Miles for the furniture you've crafted. (Win!) What could be better than that?

Criteria: Craft a specified number of DIY furniture
5 300 miles Handmade / Resident
50 500 miles Emergent / Artisan
200 1000 miles Picky / Crafter
1000 2000 miles Humbly Begun / Master;Matriarch
3000 3000 miles Destructive-Creative / King;Queen
Furniture Freshener
Give your furniture that personal touch and you can unlock miles. The more items you refurbish, the more miles you can get, hm?

Criteria: Customize a specified number of furniture or tools using the workbench
5 300 miles Unique / Eccentric
20 500 miles Change-It-Up / Challenger
50 1000 miles Detail-Oriented / Engineer
100 2000 miles Mold-Breaking / Modder
200 3000 miles Remodeling / Inspiration
Island development is a Nook Inc. goal. We need a lot of materials to make that happen, so we're giving away Nook Miles based on how much wood you've chopped from trees.

Criteria: Chop a specified number of wood from trees
20 300 miles Specific / Producer
100 500 miles Aggressive / Problem Solver
500 1000 miles Sharp / Guard
2000 2000 miles Pointy / Tack
5000 3000 miles Productive / Superhero
Trashed Tools
Using a tool until it breaks if proof of your hard work! In praise of your good deeds, you're getting Nook Miles based on how many tools you've broken.

Criteria: Break a specified number of tools
1 300 miles Rascally / Clown
20 500 miles Overboard / Crusher
50 1000 miles Rowdy / Punk
100 2000 miles Rough-And-Tumble / Meanie
200 3000 miles Chaotic / Ruiner
Rock-Splitting Champ
You hit a single rock eight times in a row and knocked some things loose. But did you know that rock whacking is the activity that keeps on giving? Yes, yes! You're getting some Nook Miles now!

Criteria: Hit a rock with your shovel and obtain all 8 materials from that rock
1 500 miles Sports-Minded / Muscle
Bona Fide Bone Finder!
Congratulations on finding your first fossil! Of course, you'll need some Nook Miles to commemorate the occasion. But don't celebrate too hard. There are more fossils to dig up! Yes, yes!

Criteria: Dig up your first fossil
1 300 miles Discovered / Fossil
Fossil Assessment
Yes, yes! You're getting Nook Miles based on the number of fossils you've had assessed. Dig up as many as you can and find out what they are!

Criteria: Have Blathers assess a specified number of fossils
5 300 miles Anonymous / Something Or Other
30 500 miles Ancient / Truth
100 1000 miles History-Loving / Researcher
300 2000 miles Evolving / Scatterbrain
500 3000 miles Historic / Discovery
Greedy Weeder
Nook Inc. salutes you for your beautification efforts. Nook Inc. rewards you with Nook Miles for selling weeds. Nook Inc. is quite generous, no?

Criteria: Sell a specified number of weeds
50 300 miles Messy / Lawn Clippings
200 500 miles Omnivorous / Custodian
1000 1000 miles Herbivorous / Sorter
2000 2000 miles Vigorous / Sprout
3000 3000 miles Wild / Beast
Flower Power
Planting flowers makes your island more beautiful and can earn you miles. So...grow wild! Yes, yes!

Criteria: Plant a specified number of flower seeds (digging up and replanting existing flowers does not count)
10 300 miles Greenhouse / Flower
50 500 miles Thorny / Rose
100 1000 miles Heavenly / Rejuvenator
200 2000 miles Sweet-Smelling / Blossom
300 3000 miles Gorgeous / Groom;Bride
Flower Tender
If you encourage floral growth by showering the island's flowers with water, I'll encourage your growth by showering you with Nook Miles!

Criteria: Water a specified number of flowers
10 300 miles Refined / Caretaker
50 500 miles Detailed / Keeper
100 1000 miles Careful / Gardener
500 2000 miles Caretaking / Ringleader
1000 3000 miles Flower-Loving / Boss
Tomorrow's Trees Today
To build a sustainable life on this island, we're going to need to plant a lot of trees! The more you plant, the more miles you can earn.

Criteria: Plant a specified number of trees (planting fruits or replanting existing trees does not count)
5 300 miles Outdoorsy / Defender
10 500 miles Organic / Dietitian
30 1000 miles Hay-Feverish / Sneezer
Pick of the Bunch
You'll get Nook Miles based on the amount of fruit you've sold. Remember: If you sell our island's specialty fruit on other islands, you might be able to get a better price!

Criteria: Sell a specified number of fruits
20 300 miles Inexperienced / Observationist
100 500 miles Precocious / Bounty
500 1000 miles Seasonal / Tree
1000 2000 miles Mature / Kind
3000 3000 miles Rotten / Scent
Fruit Roots
(island name)'s local fruit delicacy is a wonder, to be sure. But if you plant new varieties, guess what'll happen? Correct! You'll "grow" some Nook Miles! What you do with the fruit after that is up to you.

Criteria: Plant each type of fruit (cherry, orange, pear, peach, apple, and coconut)
0 100 miles Twin's / Other Half
0 200 miles Total / Freshman
0 300 miles Unpearable / Pear
0 500 miles Plucky / Star
0 700 miles Crisp / Mr. Popular;Ms. Popular
0 1000 miles Tropically Grown / Coconut
Shrubbery Hububbery
Different kinds of shrubs usher in the different seasons with their flowers, yes, yes! Folks who plant many shrubs will receive beauty and miles as a reward.

Criteria: Plant a specified number of shrubs (replanting existing shrubs does not count)
1 300 miles Verdant / Wonder
2 500 miles Unrestrained / Sentinel
20 1000 miles Surprising / Snake
Go Ahead. Be Shellfish!
You can earn Nook Miles based on the number of seashells you sell. (That's not easy to say!) And remember: You'll get different amounts of Bells for different types of shells. So pay attention!

Criteria: Sell a specified number of seashells
10 300 miles Shell-Grabbing / Shell Fan
50 500 miles Seashore / Seashell Seller
200 1000 miles Shifty / Shellector
500 2000 miles Over-Shelled / Shell Master
1000 3000 miles Shellfish / Shellaborator;Shellarina
Clam and Collected
Dig up clams, collect Nook Miles. It's really that simple. The real bonus here is that you get to walk along the beach for this one.

Criteria: Dig up a specified number of clams
5 300 miles Tidal / Season
20 500 miles Ready / Coast Dweller
50 1000 miles Buried / Genius
100 2000 miles Rare / Prodigy
200 3000 miles Water's Edge / Mermaid
Trash Fishin'
You work extra hard to keep out island clean, even going so far as to fish up trash out of our lovely waters. So you're getting some Nook Miles for keeping the island extra tidy, yes, yes!

Criteria: Fish a specified number of trash (cans, tires, or boots)
3 300 miles Untossable / Trash
10 500 miles Eco-Friendly / Ecologist
20 1000 miles Waterway / Cleaner
Cast Master
Cast your line carefully if you want to reel in this reward - you'll need to nab a bunch of fish in a row without a single one getting away to earn these miles.

Criteria: Fish a specified number of fish in a single streak without any getting away
10 300 miles Mistakenly Caught / Fish
50 500 miles Bait-Snatching / Frenzy
100 1000 miles Wave-Tossed / Life-Form
Dream House
A home that you build yourself gives you greater livability - it's on a whole other level! I'll give Nook Miles to those who build or expand their home to taste the good life.

Criteria: Expand your home a specified number of times
1 500 miles One-Room / Loner
2 1000 miles Single-Occupant / Beginner
5 2000 miles Homey / Sentiment
6 3000 miles Second-Floor / Landlord
7 5000 miles Basement / Backbone
Decorated Decorator
You got an S ranking from the Happy Home Academy! Your decorating skills are truly an inspiration, and you deserve some Nook Miles.

Criteria: Get an S ranking from the Happy Home Academy
1 1000 miles Happy / Overachiever
Hoard Reward
Put more furniture in your house! Nook Inc. will give you Nook Miles based on the number of indoor furniture items you have. So you're earning rewards for making your house a home!

Criteria: Place a specified number of furniture in your house
5 300 miles Interior / Sort
15 1000 miles Tentative / Remodeler
30 2000 miles Comparative / Sundries Fan
100 3000 miles Assumed / Appliance Fan
150 5000 miles Abounding / Interior-Design Fan
Good Things in Store!
I'll reward you with miles based on the number of items you have in storage, hm? Using the convenient storage feature will make life on the island more pleasant!

Criteria: Store a specified number of items in your house storage
20 300 miles Overstuffed / Stylist
50 1000 miles Partially Obscured / Talent
100 2000 miles At-Capacity / Manager
200 3000 miles Self-Possessed / Coordinator
300 5000 miles Invulnerable / Life Hacker
Remarkable Remodeler
You finished remodeling your house, hm? It looks like a completely new house now! I'll give you rewards based on the number of remodels you do, so keep it up!

Criteria: Remodel your home's exterior a specified number of times
1 500 miles Home / Transformer
3 1000 miles Dreamy / Dreamer
5 2000 miles Quintessential / Space
Smile Isle
Good deeds are their own rewards. But go ahead and have some Nook Miles too for fulfilling requests from other island residents. Yes, yes!

Criteria: Fulfill a specified number of requests from residents (such as returning lost items)
1 300 miles Kindly / Standard
10 500 miles Reliable / Ally
50 1000 miles Generous / Supervisor
100 2000 miles Exalted / Savior
300 3000 miles Foolhardy / Hero;Heroine
Reaction Ruler
You learned a Reaction! Let's celebrate this momentous occasion with...Nook Miles, hm? Reactions help you express yourself, so it's a good idea to learn them.

Criteria: Learn a specified number of reactions
1 300 miles Overacting / Neophyte
10 500 miles Apprentice / Dancer
20 1000 miles Dad-Joking / Semiprofessional
30 2000 miles Solo / Comedian
42 3000 miles Super-Popular / Mega Star
Island Shutterbug
Congratulations on taking your first island photo! Please do show off your wonderful photos, whether they're impulse snaps or brilliant compositions.

Criteria: Awarded the first time you take a photo using the camera app on the NookPhone (screenshot button does not count, must use the app)
1 300 miles Photogenic / Photographer
Edit Credit
Your passport has some information you can edit! Nook Inc. will give Nook Miles to folks who customize their profiles. Take it slow, think about it, and make it your own.

Criteria: Awarded the first time you edit your passport.
1 300 miles Future / Traveler
NookPhone Life
Gotten used to using your NookPhone? The fact that you're reading this probably means you have! Keep using it, and enjoy some Nook Miles just for getting familiar with it.

Criteria: Awarded after the 10th time you open your NookPhone
10 300 miles Smartphone / Savant
That's One Smart Phone
Nothing makes a smartphone manufacturer happier than a user who gets the most out of the device. At least, that's how Nook Inc. feels about the NookPhone. So we're giving you miles just for using your phone!

Criteria: Awarded after the 1000th time you open your NookPhone
1000 1000 miles Digital-Age / Child
Shop to It
Living on a remote island doesn't mean you have to go without life's luxuries. Shop to your heart's content with Nook Shopping and you'll earn Nook Miles!

Criteria: Number of times you've ordered from the Nook Shopping catalog
1 300 miles Internet / Surfer
20 500 miles Connected / Reviewer
50 1000 miles Widely Accepted / Connector
100 2000 miles Disconnected / Worrywart
200 3000 miles Always-On / Bigwig
Growing Collection
You are aware that furniture and clothing you buy is added to your Nook Shopping catalog, yes? Were you also aware that you can earn miles for a large catalog? Well, you certainly are aware now!

Criteria: Number of unique furniture pieces you've added to your catalog
100 300 miles Casual / Materialist
200 500 miles Curious / Force
300 1000 miles Greedy / Collector
400 2000 miles Materialistic / Avatar
500 3000 miles Legendary / Walking Dictionary
Nook Miles for Miles!
Earning Nook Miles for earning Nook Miles? Yes, yes! You just earned miles for finishing Nook Miles+ goals! But where will it end?

Criteria: Number of Nook Miles+ goals you've completed
5 300 miles So-Called / Ground Traveler
50 500 miles Novice / Rookie
200 1000 miles Wide-Ranging / Hobbyist
1000 2000 miles Perfectionist / Go-Getter
3000 3000 miles Year-Round / Dynamo
First-Time Buyer
You won't get miles every time you buy something on the island, but your first time is special! Enjoy these miles, courtesy of Nook Inc.

Criteria: Awarded the first time you purchase an item from a shop
1 300 miles Full-Fledged / Consumer
Seller of Unwanted Stuff
Selling things you don't need is a great way to keep down the clutter and earn a few extra Bells. And, in this case, a few extra miles! Hooray for your first sale!

Criteria: Awarded the first time you sell an item to a shop
1 300 miles Down-And-Out / Eventuality
Moving Fees Paid!
Thank you for paying all your fees for moving to the island! Take a Nook Miles rebate as a gift and give yourself a nice pat on the back, hm?

Criteria: Awarded when you pay off your initial loan using Nook Miles
1 500 miles Autonomous / Life
Bell Ringer
Spending your Bells on the island helps revitalize the local economy, yes, yes! I'll reward you with miles based on how many Bells you've spent.

Criteria: Number of total bells you've spent in shops
5000 300 miles Invested / Shopaholic
50000 500 miles Thrifty / Family Member
500000 1000 miles Covetous / Personality
2000000 2000 miles Wasteful / Celebrity
5000000 3000 miles Name-Dropping / VIP
Miles for Stalkholders
I have Nook Miles to give any resident who purchases turnips. Buy them low, sell them high, and make a handsome profit! They’ll rot in a week, though, so be careful.

Criteria: Awarded the first time you purchase turnips
1 300 miles Weekend / Stalkholder
Cornering the Stalk Market
The powers that be have been tracking your turnip transactions...and let's just say you've harvested your share of profits! Enjoy a few Nook Miles for helping contribute to the island's economy.

Criteria: Number of total bells you've profited from selling turnips
1000 300 miles Status-Minded / Speculator
10000 500 miles Avaricious / Moneybags
100000 1000 miles Upstart / Trader
1000000 2000 miles Worldwide / Bellionaire
10000000 3000 miles Shadowy / Fixer
No More Loan Payments!
You see how this works? You pay off your loan, get some Nook Miles! Thank you for doing business with Nook Inc.!

Criteria: Awarded after paying off your first house loan with bells
1 1000 miles Responsible / Bill Payer
Bulletin-Board Benefit
Picture this: Getting Nook Miles from Nook Inc. the first time you write something on an island's bulletin board. Keep using bulletin boards to communicate with everyone on the island! Yes, yes!

Criteria: Awarded the first time you post a message on your town bulletin board
1 300 miles Rumermongering / Influencer
Popular Pen Pal
I'll reward you with miles if you send a lot of letters. Please keep sending letters to everyone and continuing to deepen friendships. Yes, yes!

Criteria: Number of letters you've sent
5 300 miles Art-School / Boy;Girl
20 500 miles Science-y / Student
50 1000 miles Liberal-Arts / Poet
100 2000 miles Subculture / Denizen
200 3000 miles Deadline / Writer
Flea Flicker
Itchy fleas are a real hassle. If you see an island buddy struggling with fleas, by all means, help them out. Not only is it a nice thing to do, but you'll also get some miles for doing a good deed.

Criteria: Number of times you've caught fleas off a villager
1 300 miles Tidy / Wild Child
5 500 miles Highly Aware / Neatnik
10 1000 miles Fastidious / Character
Cicada Memories
Ah, cicada shells in the summer. They're not really all that useful, but collecting them does help create summer memories that will last a lifetime.

Criteria: Awarded the first time you catch a cicada shell
1 1000 miles Shell-Less / Being
Netting Better!
It's so impressive when someone can catch five wasps in a row - so impressive, in fact, that you'll earn some Nook Miles if you can do it!

Criteria: Awarded the first time you catch five wasps in a row without running away or getting stung
1 1000 miles Accurate / Deadeye
Pit-y Party!
Enjoy some bonus Nook Miles to commemorate the creation of your first pit. Just make sure you don't fall victim to your own handiwork!

Criteria: Awarded the first time you bury a pitfall seed
1 300 miles Wild-Child / Troublemaker
Taking the Sting Out
Getting stung by wasps hurts! Getting stung again before you can recover makes you faint! But at least you get some miles for that. I don't want you to be uncomfortable though, so take some medicine to heal up!

Criteria: Awarded the first time you get stung by a wasp
1 300 miles Teary-Eyed / Crybaby
Faint of Heart
This island is home to creepy crawlers that would make anyone light-headed. Maybe wielding a net will make you less likely to faint...

Criteria: Awarded the first time you get knocked out by a Scorpion or Tarantula
1 300 miles Risen / Phoenix
Overcoming Pitfalls
Life is full of peaks and valleys, hills and pits. When you fall into a pit, you learn a lesson, hm? Be more careful next time, yes? Don't feel too bad, though. You're getting some bonus Nook Miles for your fall.

Criteria: Awarded the first time you fall into a pitfall hole
1 300 miles Trapped / Reckless One
Faked Out!
Oh my. Did you get hoodwinked? That work of art you purchased turned out to be a forgery, and it stings. Your eye for art is being tested! Yes, yes! Please take some comfort in the miles I'm giving you.

Criteria: Donated a fake piece of art
1 500 miles Plausible / Fake
Lost Treasure
Oh my. You popped a balloon with a skillful shot, but the attached prize fell into the water! Maybe some Nook Miles will help you recover from that sunken feeling, hm?

Criteria: Awarded the first time a balloon present you shot lands in a body of water
1 500 miles Catchable / Klutz
It's Raining Treasure!
No one knows who sends the gifts attached to balloons to our island, but you can earn miles by shooting them down and collecting what's inside.

Criteria: Number of balloons you've shot down with a slingshot
5 300 miles Easy-Breezy / Slingshot Ace
20 500 miles Atmospheric / Floaty Thing
50 1000 miles Restless / Hunter
100 2000 miles Flying / Paradise
300 3000 miles Elusive / Vagabond
Fun with Fences
You can have a wonderful yard in no time by building a fence and surrounding your home or garden. Yes, yes! Nook Inc. will award Nook Miles to skilled fence installers.

Criteria: Awarded the first time you place a fence
20 500 miles Efficient / Partitioner
What's this? You get Nook Miles based on how many quality snowfolks you've built? That's a pretty good deal for just having a little fun in the snow.

Criteria: Number of perfect snow-people you've built
1 300 miles Cold-Sensitive / Sprite
10 500 miles Snow / Angel
20 1000 miles Cool / Imp
Wishes Come True
Were you wishing for Nook Miles the last time you saw a shooting star? Hm? Because Nook Inc. is here to grant your wish. More wishes, more miles! Yes, yes!

Criteria: Number of shooting stars you've wished on
1 300 miles Late-Night / Meteorite
30 1000 miles Wishful / Legend
200 2000 miles Overnight / Superstar
Exterior Decorator
You can display furniture outside, right? Well, here's a little incentive for you to show off what you've got - you'll earn Nook Miles based on the number of furniture items you set up outside.

Criteria: Awarded the first time you place some furniture outside
10 300 miles Outdoor-Loving / Decorating Fiend
(island name) Icons
At Resident Services, we want new ideas for the island flag and island tune. We have Nook Miles in store for those creative types who can redesign and rewrite! It's good to take pride in our island symbols.

Criteria: Awarded for changing your island flag and town tune for the first time.
0 500 miles Flapping / Flag Waver
0 500 miles Humming / Musician
Island Designer
At Nook Inc. we encourage the use of the Island Designer app to liven up the island. We're giving away miles the first time you use a permit for a path, river, or cliff!

Criteria: Awarded the first time you use the Island Designer app to place a path, add/remove water, and build/destroy a cliff
0 500 miles Trailblazing / Runner
0 1000 miles Swept-Away / Pioneer
0 1000 miles Cliffhanging / Creator
Wispy Island Secrets
If you happen to encounter one of the island's secrets, maybe just keep it to yourself. We don't want to scare anyone away from here. Pretty sure that's in your island contract...

Criteria: Number of times you've helped Wisp find the parts of his spirit
1 300 miles Cowardly / Ghost
10 500 miles Supernatural / Soul
20 1000 miles Soulful / Soul Mate
Gulliver's Travails
When you come across someone in trouble on the beach, you help them, setting a fine example for all the island residents. Such kindness will surely find its way back to you.

Criteria: Number of times you've helped Gulliver fix his communicator
1 300 miles Flightless / Fowl
10 500 miles Perennial / Lost One
20 1000 miles Off-Season / Migratory Bird
K.K. Mania
K.K. supports our island with his groovy brand of folk rock, so we should support him! The more K.K. shows you attend, the more Nook Miles you can earn.

Criteria: Number of K.K. shows you've attended
1 300 miles Fickle / Music-Lover
10 500 miles Covert / Supporter
30 1000 miles Regular / Fan
60 2000 miles The Definition of / Pop Star
100 3000 miles Longtime / Follower
True Patron of the Arts
Collecting artwork contributes to the cultural quality of (island name) and Nook Inc. will give miles to folks who prove themselves discerning connoisseurs.

Criteria: Number of times you've purchased art that turned out to be real
1 300 miles Shady / Seller
10 500 miles Discerning / Aficionado
20 1000 miles Bold / Artistic Statement
You Otter Know
If you meet a laid-back fellow floating in the sea, consider sharing some of your scallops with him. You never know what you might learn in return...and a little gift never hurts either!

Criteria: Number of times you've given scallops to Pascal
1 300 miles Kind / Cynic
10 500 miles Hungry / Philosopher
20 1000 miles Oceanic / Existentialist
True Friends
It's good news for Nook Inc. when island residents get along. Good relationships are a cornerstone of island development!

Criteria: Number of villagers you've become good friends with
1 300 miles Soothing / Pal
2 500 miles Friendly / Buddy
3 1000 miles Friendship / Seeker
Birthday Celebration
Celebrating the birthday of a fellow resident is a wonderful thing. Nook Inc. will commemorate your bond with some party-favor Nook Miles.

Criteria: Number of villager birthdays you've attended
1 300 miles Untamed / Party Animal
10 500 miles Growing / Youth
20 1000 miles Grown / Adult
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to you! Take some Nook Miles, woo-hoo! Happy birthday to you-oo! Take some Nook Miles, woo-hoo! (Get yourself something nice.)

Criteria: Awarded the first time you play on your character's birthday
1 2000 miles Celebratory / Birthday Boy;Birthday Girl
Fishing Tourney!
Please participate in the Fishing Tourney, which is held every spring, summer, fall, and winter! I'll give you nook miles as a reward the first time you participate each season.

Criteria: Awarded the first time you attend a fishing tourney in each season
0 300 miles Spring-Born / Free Spirit
0 500 miles Summer-Born / Chiller
0 1000 miles Fall-Born / Free-Wheeler
0 2000 miles Winter-Born / Overheater
What's the summer event to look forward to? That's right...the Bug-Off! Nook Inc. will give you Nook Miles for participating, so by all means, join the fun!

Criteria: Awarded the first time you attend a bug-off tourney in each season
0 300 miles Adolescent / Youngster
0 500 miles Rebellious / Rebel
0 1000 miles Solitary / Lone Wolf
0 2000 miles Standoffish / Individual
Countdown Celebration
The only thing better than ringing in the new year is ringing in the new year with some Nook Miles! May you live to see many more-years and miles!

Criteria: Awarded for attending the new year holiday event
1 1000 miles Countdown / Merrymaker
Making a Change
A closet is a must-have item for a fashion trendsetter. I'll offer Nook Miles to anyone who has a closet and changes outfits, thereby increasing the chances of an island fashion trend catching on.

Criteria: Awarded the first time you use a wardrobe to change your character's outfit
1 500 miles Trendy / Model
First Custom Design!
Learning how to use the Custom Design app lets you personalize your clothes and furniture. So much fun to be had, yes, yes!

Criteria: Awarded the first time you use the Custom Design app to edit or create a design
1 500 miles Aspiring / Artist
Custom Design Pro!
You upgraded to the Pro version of the Custom Design app, hm? That makes you a fine Pro Custom Designer. Yes, yes! I'll reward you with Nook Miles to commemorate your Pro debut!

Criteria: Awarded the first time you use the Custom Design pro app to edit or create a design
1 300 miles Pro / Designer
I'll bet you didn't think you'd find buried Bells here, hm? But this is an island, after all. Buried treasure and whatnot. Enjoy some Nook Miles from Nook Inc. to celebrate your discovery.

Criteria: Awarded the first time you dig up bells from a shining spot
1 300 miles Lucky / Type
Shady Shakedown
Rumor has it that someone on this island likes to hide furniture in trees. Yes, yes! I'll give you Nook Miles based on the number of furniture items you shake out of trees. So get out of there and shake!

Criteria: Number of furniture pieces you've found from shaking trees
1 300 miles Carefree / Figure
10 1000 miles Jovial / Brute
20 2000 miles Spirited / Gifted One
50 3000 miles Factual / Outlaw
100 5000 miles Inspirational / Statement
Golden Milestone
If your tools are glinting gold, your account will be bursting with Bells soon enough. The paths to these tools are varied and secret, but you will have earned some Nook Miles for collecting them all.

Criteria: Awarded for each unique golden tool you've equipped (shovel, net, fishing rod, watering can, axe, and slingshot)
0 300 miles Shining / Jewel
0 500 miles Top-Notch / Luminary
0 1000 miles Ultimate / Miracle
0 2000 miles Royal / Prince;Princess
0 3000 miles Glittering / Emperor;Empress
0 5000 miles Radiant / Supreme Being
Island and Yourland
Support your neighboring islands with a visit now and again. The more you visit, the more Nook Miles you can earn! Here at Nook Inc. we like to reward your adventurous spirit, hm?

Criteria: Number of times you've visited another player's island (does not count mystery islands using Nook Miles Tickets)
1 300 miles Traveling / Person
5 500 miles Occasional / Tourist
10 1000 miles Global / Wanderer
Host the Most
To encourage you to invite plenty of guests to the island, we're offering miles as an incentive. The more the merrier - and that goes for Nook Miles too!

Criteria: Number of other players that have visited your island
1 300 miles Hospitable / Friend
5 500 miles Lonely / Chum
10 1000 miles Well-Known / Partier
Active Island Resident
Life on the island has lots of promise, hm? To illustrate this, I'll reward you some Nook Miles based on the number of active days you've spent here. Please take them and enjoy them.

Criteria: Number of total unique days you've played the game
3 300 miles Self-Paced / Chill Soul
20 500 miles Active / Specialist
50 1000 miles Sleepless / Adventurer
100 2000 miles Nicknamed / Gamer
300 3000 miles Ready-Made / MVP

Nook+ Challenges

Once you unlock Nook+, you will have 5 challenges active at a time. Completing challenges gives you nook miles rewards. There are no limit to how many challenges you can complete each day. You can complete the first 5 challenges each day for a multiplier on the reward miles, sometimes as high as 5x.

Talk to three neighbors 200 miles
Catch five bugs 150 miles
Catch a specific bug 200-500 miles
Catch five fish 150 miles
Catch a specific fish 200-500 miles
Sell 10 shells 200 miles
Get three fossils assessed 150 miles
Sell 20 Clumps of Weeds 100 miles
Water eight flowers 100 miles
Plant three flower seeds 100 miles
Chop 10 wood 150 miles
Plant a tree 100 miles
Chop down a tree 200 miles
Sell five fruit 100 miles
Plant some fruit 100 miles
Get Bamboo Shoots 150 miles
Hit a rock five times 100 miles
Shoot down a balloon 200 miles
Complete three projects 150 miles
Earn 5,000 Bells by selling items 150 miles
Spend 5,000 Bells to buy items 200 miles
Redeem 500 Nook Miles 200 miles
Customize two items 150 miles
Change your outfit using your closet 150 miles
Sell a Hot Item at Nook's Cranny 200 miles
Take a photo 100 miles
Catch five sea creatures 150 miles
Plant 3 shrub starts 200 miles Only available during Nature Day
Plant a coconut 150 miles Only available during Nature Day
Craft 2 fences 150 miles Only available during Nature Day
Craft a flower crown 300 miles Only available during Nature Day
Gift some flowers 200 miles Only available during Nature Day
Place a flower 150 miles Only available during Nature Day
Wear a flower in your hair 150 miles Only available during Nature Day
Plant 3 tulip seeds 200 miles Only available during Nature Day
Plant 3 mum seeds 200 miles Only available during Nature Day