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Visitors / Saharah

Saharah is a visitor who randomly appears on your island. She can be found wandering around, not just on the plaza.

Each day she sells three rugs (one small, one medium and one large) and a single 'mysterious' wallpaper and 'mysterious' flooring. You cannot find out which she will sell until you buy it.

When you buy a rug for bells, you recieve a number of Saharah Tickets , which can be used to purchase wallpaper and flooring.

Size Cost Reward
Small Rug 1,000 bells 1x Saharah Ticket
Medium Rug 1,500 bells 2x Saharah Tickets
Large Rug 2,000 bells 3x Saharah Tickets

The mysterious wallpaper and flooring can be purchased for 3,000 bells, or 5x Saharah Tickets each.

Small Rugs

Medium Rugs

Large Rugs

Mysterious Flooring

Mysterious Wallpaper