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Special events in June

New catches for June

Fish spawn rates for June.

Name Price Time of Day Location
Giant snakehead 5,500 9AM-4PM Pond
Tilapia 800 All day River
Piranha 2,500 9AM-4PM & 9PM-4AM River
Arowana 10,000 4PM-9AM River
Dorado 15,000 4AM-9PM River
Gar 6,000 4PM-9AM Pond
Arapaima 10,000 4PM-9AM River
Saddled bichir 4,000 9PM-4AM River
Ribbon eel 600 All day Sea
Saw shark 12,000 4PM-9AM Sea
Hammerhead shark 8,000 4PM-9AM Sea
Great white shark 15,000 4PM-9AM Sea
Whale shark 13,000 All day Sea
Suckerfish 1,500 All day Sea
Emperor butterfly 4,000 5PM-8AM Flying near flowers
Firefly 300 7PM-4AM Flying near water
Drone beetle 200 All day On trees (any kind)
Goliath beetle 8,000 5PM-8AM On palm trees
Rainbow stag 6,000 7PM-8AM On trees (any kind)
Mosquito 130 5PM-4AM Flying
Sea grapes 900 All day Ocean
Mussel 1,500 All day Ocean
Abalone 2,000 4PM-9AM Ocean
Gazami crab 2,200 All day Ocean
Tiger prawn 3,000 4PM-9AM Ocean

Going away at the end of June

Name Price Time of Day Location
Cherry salmon 1,000 Varies River (clifftop)
Char 3,800 Varies River (clifftop)
Common butterfly 160 4AM-7PM Flying
Yellow butterfly 160 4AM-7PM Flying
Peacock butterfly 2,500 4AM-7PM Flying near blue/purple/black flowers
Firefly 300 7PM-4AM Flying near water
Ladybug 200 8AM-5PM On flowers
Violin beetle 450 All day On tree stumps
Pill bug 250 11PM-4PM From hitting rocks
Centipede 300 4PM-11PM From hitting rocks
Chambered nautilus 1,800 4PM-9AM Ocean
Firefly squid 1,400 9PM-4AM Ocean
Lobster 4,500 All day Ocean