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Special events in November

New catches for November

Fish spawn rates for November.

Name Price Time of Day Location
Bitterling 900 All day River
Blowfish 5,000 9PM-4AM Sea
Tuna 7,000 All day Pier
Blue marlin 10,000 All day Pier
Football fish 2,500 4PM-9AM Sea
Damselfly 500 All day Flying near water
Mole cricket 500 All day Underground (dig where noise is loudest)
Tarantula 8,000 7PM-4AM On the ground
Sea cucumber 500 All day Ocean
Sea pig 10,000 4PM-9AM Ocean
Dungeness crab 1,900 All day Ocean
Snow crab 6,000 All day Ocean
Red king crab 8,000 All day Ocean

Going away at the end of November

Name Price Time of Day Location
Cherry salmon 1,000 Varies River (clifftop)
Char 3,800 Varies River (clifftop)
Golden trout 15,000 4PM-9AM River (clifftop)
Mitten crab 2,000 4PM-9AM River
Guppy 1,300 9AM-4PM River
Neon tetra 500 9AM-4PM River
Sea horse 1,100 All day Sea
Zebra turkeyfish 500 All day Sea
Barred knifejaw 5,000 All day Sea
Ray 3,000 4AM-9PM Sea
Monarch butterfly 140 4AM-5PM Flying near flowers
Long locust 200 8AM-7PM On the ground
Migratory locust 600 8AM-7PM On the ground
Rice grasshopper 400 8AM-7PM On the ground
Cricket 130 5PM-8AM On the ground
Mantis 430 8AM-5PM On flowers
Orchid mantis 2,400 8AM-5PM On white flowers
Violin beetle 450 All day On tree stumps
Walking stick 600 4AM-8AM & 5PM-7PM On trees (any kind)
Flea 70 All day On villagers
Chambered nautilus 1,800 4PM-9AM Ocean
Umbrella octopus 6,000 All day Ocean
Gazami crab 2,200 All day Ocean